DJ Sbu’s MoFaya spotted in The Breakfast Club studio in US

Source | The Citizen

Recently in The Breakfast Club studio MoFaya beverage was spotted on the video which was posted on YouTube where the show host DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne tha God was interviewing 50 Cent who is also one of the successful black entrepreneurs.

Sbusiso “DJ Sbu” Leope has recently announced the sale of a 26% stake of his MoFaya beverages company to Coca-Cola for R493 million. Which happened to be an April fools joke.

In a long post on Instagram, the DJ shared a story of where his MoFaya journey started and the challenges he faced with his partners, Mr Molai and Mr Likhuleni Shongwe, trying to create the first black-owned energy drink brand.

Watch full 50 Cent interview below

MoFaya Background

MoFaya Beverage Company stands proudly as the first 100% black owned beverage company in South Africa. Through the spirit of collaboration and social responsibility, MoFaya looks to help build and empower entrepreneurs through its activities.

The roll-out of DJ Sbu’s energy drink MoFaya into Pick n Pay stores nationwide has begun!

In May, the radio personality announced that the energy drink would be coming to the family store.

It seems that the wait is finally over, for those in Gauteng that is. DJ Sbu shared the good news on Instagram that the drink is available at selected Pick n Pay stores in the province.

The energy drink also will be releasing a new edition come 1 September called Vrrrrrpha.


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