Slikour On Life: Brands Doing Dope Sh!t (#BDDS) documentary drops tomorrow


PROVIDED: Based around the Castle Lite Extra Cold Experience, we decided to document the process by following the journey of the artists and the brand in putting together such an event. Most importantly, we wanted to look into the kind of relationship that brand has developed and maintained with the hip hop culture, thus creating a successful formula for representing and collaborating with its members. Key to this relationship is allowing the photopartnership to be organic and accommodating, instead of forging an alliance that only benefits one end of the table while exploiting the other.

Brands Doing Dope Sh!t follows the story of our culture and how it flourishes when treated as a partner instead of a channel for a campaign message. The authenticity of the brand comes through in the way they deal with the artists and the way they create a movement as a result of approaching the culture with an open and collaborative attitude. The documentary drops tomorrow on the site at 09:00 but for now, here’s the trailer featuring Proverb, Cassper Nyovest, Reason, Pearl Thusi and Riky Rick!


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