AKA wants his R40K chain back after throwing it to fans

AKA wants his R40K chain back

Supa Mega regrets throwing his chain to the crowd during a perfomance.

Taking off their t-shirts and throwing caps to the crowd is one of the greatest crowd-pleasing gestures a performer can give. But it stops being about fun and games when you accidentally throw your R40,000 Versace gift away.

AKA threw away his very expensive gift during his performance at this weekend’s Spring Fiesta and we guess the award winning Hip Hop star was just taken by the vibe or the giving spirit in him.

Who throws a R40K worth of jewelry to the crowd? We have the answer… its AKA!

Diddy did it too during the Bad Boy Reunion Concert which was on March.

AKAΒ has got some really rich friends to be giving him gifts worth R40,000

At least the lucky attendee showed himself on Twitter… Will AKA buy it back? Hmmm…

Well, Cassper also lost a pricey gold chain while performing at the Youth Hip-Hop Festival in Durban at the weekend, at least he didn’t throw it to the crown but he tried something he has never done before – crowd surfing!


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