Nasty C’s album release delay

Nasty C and US star Omari Hardwick

These days, initial release dates don’t often stick, but when someone make a full tracklist and album artwork promoting the date of their album drop, it makes it look pretty official. Nasty C‘s September 23rd project did just that, but when the date actually rolled around, there was no album to be found. Nasty’s debut album, Bad Hair, is still coming soon despite the delay, but the “Hell Naw” songwriter has made sure to address the status of the album in a tweet to fans.

Album delays are a sobering experience for any music fan, and 2016 was full of them. But the wait for Bad Hair is nothing compared to certain album delays of the past, some of which are still going on.

The award winning hip hop artist Nsikayesizwe David Ngcobo aka Nasty C announced on Twitter yesterday that due to the delay in sample clearance the album will no longer be released today (September 23rd) as promised. He also went to his Instagram account to post a screenshot of his tweet.

“Unfortunately, due to a delay in sample clearance “BadHair” won’t be released tomorrow, my sincerest apologies to all, especially the FANILY.”

While Nasty C is late, it seems fans will not have to wait long. We believe the album is coming, even though Nasty didn’t state the new release date. Hopefully pre-orders will be available soon.

The project is set to include an appearance from a US star Omari Hardwick and more.

We will be patient Nsika and we forgive you for letting u down, but don’t do it again. Congratulations to your MAMAs nomination!



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